Carvel Ice Cream History

Carvel was created with the understanding that people always crave a happy escape. When Tom Carvel bought his first ice cream truck, his goal was to make his customers smile. However, with any business venture there are bumps in the road. For Tom, that bump caused a flat tire. Most people might have closed up shop, but Tom Carvel kept right on selling and found a remarkable opportunity.

He realized that instead of disliking the softer, melting frozen treats, people wanted more. They enjoyed the creamier, lighter taste. Soft serve ice cream was born. Tom not only invented a new treat but established his first shoppe right there where his truck had broken down. That store would be the first of a worldwide network and thousands of little occasions & big celebrations that make life enjoyable. It was the start of Carvel… America’s Freshest Ice Cream.

Carvel has always led the industry

Innovation is a part of our culture. From the moment Tom Carvel invented soft ice cream to today, we have constantly come up with new flavors, cakes, treats, machines, ideas and more.

How It’s Made

In an imported, pre-packaged, flash frozen world, true freshness stands out. That’s why we have always made everything right in the shoppe. It may take time, effort and passion, but the end result is a smooth, creamy flavor that can’t be matched anywhere else.

Tom Carvel in His Own Words

Tom was the first CEO to appear in his company’s commercials. People to this day remember the gravely, down-to-earth voice and smile. Listen to Tom Carvel for yourself:

Tom Carvel was as inventive with Carvel’s marketing as he was with the shoppes’ new cakes and flavors.

Tom Carvel’s goal was to create a Father’s Day “Whale of a Dad” cake. Fudgie turned out to be not only a popular dessert, but an iconic spokesman for the entire company.

Carvel Characters

Carvel has always been known for their fun characters. Whether it was Captain Carvel in the 1973 comic book or the iconic Fudgie the Whale.
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