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Chipsters® Ice Cream Sandwiches

For your favorite cookie monster

Make the ultimate cookie sandwich with 2 cookies, creamy vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips.

Pack Quantity: six

Price $24.99

Dietary Considerations

Most Carvel® products contain milk and may contain eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, or wheat. If you have a Food Allergy to any of these, please check with your doctor before consuming Carvel products.

Google Reviews

Tom Flamino

43 reviews·9 photos


A New Yorker's dream come true in California.  The best soft served ice cream and the only one left in California.  Friendly staff and great service.

Erin Judge

1 review


Carvel is an old family favorite from where I grew up in Brooklyn, and this franchise location does it well. The flavor of the ice cream cake I got was great, and since it was a pre-decorated cake the manager gave me a discount. I'll definitely be back.

heidi p

Local Guide·52 reviews·26 photos


I couldn't be happier with this store. Due the chaos, and staying at home; I ordered a birthday cake from Carvers, thru the Door Dash app. Stephen, and his wife; you are all kinds of amazing. I am beyond satisfied with every aspect of my order. I live a couple hours away from my brother, but thanks to Stephen, and his wife; my brother was able to get a cake with Happy Birthday on it. We are in crazy times, and being able to send something personalized is not easy. Thanks to Stephen, and his wife; my brother in Los Angeles got a personalized birthday cake today. I am so grateful, thankful, and satisfied with the service provided. I will be using you again soon. Thanks so much Stephen.